Stream is down because the servers died. Will restart when they function again

I will be using Twitch since I figured that shit out. Lower quality though cause my net is… well… less than optimal in terms of speeds! Sorry about the eye poop

Stream should begin in about an hour, since the game opening was delayed!

[At 11:15PDT / 2:15EST I will make an announcement]

Its a shame that USTREAM appears to be INCREDIBLY unstable… because it seems to be very lightweight. I have less than 15 minutes til the game opens

So long as my computer can handle it, I will stream at LEAST the beginning portion of the ArcheAge beta some time around 1PM EST.

Now do we reccomend Ustream or Livestream? I am very familiar with livestream, but I am aware that its broadcasting software isn’t necessarily… lightweight, and I havent really used ustream very much…

SO what do you guys recommend, Livestream, Ustream, something else?

Happpy biiiiiiiirtday, Kerberus!

Happpy biiiiiiiirtday, Kerberus!

NPC Portrait Commission - Chibifox

NPC Portrait Commission - Chibifox

I may or may not stream my experience with Archeage tomorrow. Depends on a) if it ever finishes, and b) if my computer likes it.

It was raining today, and then it dawned on me that my cat was outside. I found him under the neighbour’s truck, whining like a baby. I had brought an umbrella to shelter him on the way to the door, and we got ALL THE WAY UP THE STAIRS, and then the puddle at the top spooked him so he bolted for the car again, and was horrified of the umbrella the second time.

My neighbours think I spoil him too much. Haha. They came outside to watch me walk him up the stairs with an umbrella and laughed when the puddle spooked him.