and in terms of comics, Mokepon is pretty adorable, and interesting take on the pokemon world, and Oglaf is a pretty funny, eclectic, adult-oriented comic [though, it is NSFW].

I really loved what Thermohalia was setting up to be, but the writer doesn’t like it anymore, and canned it, which was super sad.

Also, I love reading Ava’s Demon… but the new site design is always broken on my end.

On the other hand, Unsounded is still as amazing as ever, if anyone hasn’t already been reading it.

That computer was completely fine.

The other day at work, someone sent in a computer with the report that it was emitting mad radiation, and that it “made their face like a nice brown bread”.

I laughed so hard.

Oh: in good news: my toe wasn’t broken, it was just in a crapload of pain, and the nail was shattered, and splintered apart. and also hecka bruised.

I am so tired… I am the only one with a regular job now, and I work 10 hour days… and then I went to Jess’s house to bake cupcakes for work…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaand now I am dealin with all of this shit, and I can’t go to bed, until my mother passes out and I put her keys back…

My mother is drunk… and yelling at my dad, and freaking out… and my father is yelling… I took her truck keys… I know she will be emotionally fucked up here, but I don’t want her drinking and driving…


It may just be a broken little toe. I hobbled to the kitchen awkwardly, while shouting at my mothers bird, and put some ice on it. It is still bleedy, and hurty, and purple, and swollen, but at least ice exists.

I think I broke my foot… I know I broke most of my nails off… thank you family for never putting anything away…

I am bleeding… my little toe and most of my foot is swollen and purple… the nails are missing… or severely damaged… and I am in immense amounts of pain.